100 % fully electric injection molding machine

Made in Japan


Unusual V-shaped clamping unit for high-speed operation


Extremely sharp acceleration for high-speed injection

Shock-preventive motion control for best machine availability

Large touch-screen interface for fast function access

Wide plate design for best mold support

High precision injection for thin-wall molding

Real time monitoring no matter where you are located

Originally designed screw dedicated to your application


With a 550-ton clamping force mode added, an optimum model can be selected for your products.

Small-size models

Si-50-6S / Si-80-6S /
Si-100-6S /
Si-130-6S / Si-180-6S /

Middle-size models

Si-280-6S /
Si-350-6S /

Large-size models

Si-550-6S / Si-680-6S /
Si-850-6S / Si-1000-6S /


Top quality and long-lifespan injection molding machines and ancillaries


Exteriors components, Interior components, Glove boxes, Bezels, Air-vent assemblies, Clusters and Housings…, Diaphragms, Air filters, Air-cleaner ducts, Bushings and Valve parts, Lighting systems, Hoses, Engine components, and many other automotive parts.


Buckets, Food stuff container, Health and Beauty dispensing containers, Dry and Liquid Food, Product containers, General closures, Home cleaning products containers, Bottle caps, Bio medical packaging, Car Care Products, and others.

Technical Components

Electrical/electronic components, Technical parts, Heels parts, Housing, Computers and peripherals, Consumer electronics, Electrical appliance components, High precision micro components, and others.


Components for blood analyzer equipment, Heart pump parts, Orthopedic devices, Custom, Knee braces, Phaetal heartbeat monitors, Catheters, EKG & oxygen parts, and others.

House Hold 

Basins, Baskets, Hooks, Kitchen utensils, Spoons, Cutleries, Furniture components, Light components, Outdoor components, and others.


Food supply chain, Vegetable and fruit products, Domestic store, Waste baskets, Vase, Painting buckets and lids, and others.

Each sector has its own peculiarity and TOYOs machines are adaptable to meet the requirements, mandatory by the specific market and application.

Power consumption display

Visualization of power consumption promotes energy saving activity. Either integrated total power consumption from a preset point or hourly consumption can be displayed by switching. In addition, the consumed power can be displayed in the desired unit such as JP¥, US$ or emitted amount of CO2.

Optimum mold clamping is realized

Proven technology, “V-clamp” mold clamping mechanism.

Carrying the fruit of the joint development with academic sector, the mold clamping device efficiently delivers the clamping force to the mold in even distribution. The clamping mechanism can be flexibly adapted to large molds in complex structure. The large model has adopted a clamping mechanism having higher rigidity. The V-clamp mold clamping mechanism, which has been standard since the Si-IV series, effectively delivers the clamping force to the center of the mold owing to its “center press effect.” And the high rigidity and yet slim mold mounting plates, which are also time-proven, evenly distributes the clamping force over the entire mold. Well-balanced even distribution of clamping force can be maintained without applying a clamping force beyond necessity.

Easier maintenance and improved eco-efficiency

Reflecting desires from users, the Si-6 series is a practically easy machine to maintain. In addition, energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness are greatly increased.

Light weight splitable cover

The light weight and splitable cover design have eased removing or installing work of covers at the screw access area and the toggle area. This cover design facilitates maintenance work including screw maintenance work and toggle cleaning work.

These covers also secure further safety.

Totally automatic grease-lubrication system as standard

Si-280-6S and more

The Si-6S series is equipped with the totally automatic grease-lubrication system, as standard, that covers not only ball screws, toggles, tie-bars and guide bars, but also all other greasing points that were previously optional.

Widely opening safety door

The Si-6S series is equipped with the widely opening safety door, which had been adopted on the previous Si-6 series. The widely opening safety door facilitates the mold changing work without taking unreasonable attitude, contributing to reduced work time and higher safety.


Opening stroke
SI-50-6S 580 mm
SI-80-6S 650 mm
SI-100-6S 750 mm
SI-130-6S 1000 mm
SI-180-6S 1080 mm
SI-230-6S 1250 mm
SI-280-6S 1250 mm
SI-350-6S 1285 mm
SI-450-6S 1540 mm
Si-550-6S 1750 mm
SI-680-6S 1750 mm
SI-850-6S 1900 mm
SI-1000-6S 2490 mm
High degree of serviceability and safety, essential to the machine, are provided

The fully automated lubrication control and the wide opening stroke safety door are among the features of the Si-6S series, which facilitate maintenance work and secure greater safety. These features reflect on comments and suggestions from customers who have been using our machines

Power consumption display

Visualization of power consumption promotes energy saving activity. Either integrated total power consumption from a preset point or hourly consumption can be displayed by switching. In addition, the consumed power can be displayed in the desired unit such as JP¥, US$ or emitted amount of CO2.

With standard, high pressure, high speed, large volume and small volume injection units.

To cope with injection at an increasingly high speed and high pressure, the Si-6S series have a variety of injection units from large volume to small volume, so that the Si-6S series can address the demands from each customer. The injection controlling technology, utilizing accumulated expertise, realizes high precision injection, thus contributing to high molding stability and productivity.

Wide variety of injection units

The Si-6S series has newly added K750E high speed injection unit which achieves a maximum injection speed of 250 mm/s, 138% faster than that of the standard K600E. And the models of 680-ton or larger in clamping force can accommodate a one-size larger injection unit compared with the previous series. With ‘standard,’ ‘high pressure,’ ‘high speed,’ ‘large volume,’ and ‘small volume’ injection units, the Si-6S series can cope with various needs from each customer.

Increased injection pressure

The increased rigidity of the injection unit allows higher injection pressures to be set.

And the double nozzle-touch rods structure prevents the inclination of the stationary mold mounting plate.

New Control


SYSTEM 800 for higher operator-friendliness and information integration.

The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) with a 18.5-inch large color LCD screen is equipped with an electrostatic capacitance system multi-touch panel, so you can operate the machine as if you were handling a smartphone with a feeling of luxury.

SYSTEM 800 boasts high visibility, high operability, customization feature, and operator-friendliness.

  • Electrostatic capacitance system multi-touch panel is employed
  • 5-inch large color LCD screen
  • For higher information aggregation and operator-friendliness
  • Luxury feeling and smartphone-touch
High visibility

All necessary information is in one screen so that you can grasp machine conditions at a glance.

A large 18.5-inch LED screen is laid vertically long, where all the necessary information can be displayed in a single screen.

The machine status indicating screen in the middle part is for you to visually and intuitively grasp the current machine status, where strokes, pressures and torques are displayed on the numerical meters. Besides the meter display, you can choose small graph indication, cycle monitor indication, or the like at your convenience.


High operability

You can intuitively operate the touch panel like a smartphone.

You can operate the screen as if you were handing a smartphone.


 Customization ability

Displaying only chosen data for instant recognition of operating conditions.



High information collecting and aggregating function for easy use as necessary.

Files stored in the hard memory of the SYSTEM 800 or USB memories can be displayed on the screen. For example, you can read Instruction manually or the Operation Manual stored in a PDF file on the machine screen when necessary.

Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine



OPTION / Remote operation

T-Remote Web

Molding machine is connected with a smart device with Wi-Fi.

Available on models with SYSTEM500 or newer control system

What remote operation can make:
  • Access to monitored information or changing of operating condition can be made on the back side of the machine.
  • Captured screens can be stored.
  • One can be connected with maximum 32 molding machines.
Screens are always with you:
  • Condition setting can be made referring to other machines.
  • You can change condition setting while observing the molding machine or products on the back side of the machine.
  • You can check I/O signals while observing machine motion at the time of maintenance.

    OPTION / Remote control

    T-STATION lite Ver.2

    Control of multiple machines with a general-purpose PC. Control system can be established easily at a low cost.

    Contributing to improving efficiency, operation ratio and quality at the production site.

    Integrated control of multiple machines:

    • Operation control
    • Quality control
    • Condition control


    • Production control
    • Remote diagnosis
    • Screen control

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