Upgrade your machine to the newest system servo machine

We offer the most ideal solutions for your production line with a wide range of products from 0.2 kW to 160 kW, from 1 Nm to 2500 Nm torque and from 350 rpm to 20.000 rpm.

With the application, the existing standard motor and pump of the IMM are replaced with a servo motor-drive and pump which energy saving, precision and efficiency are proven in every field. It is possible to reach high savings and efficiency with low cost.

Main characteristics of the servo system:

  • Accuracy levels of up to 0.1 % in repeatability
  • Your cycle time reduces by 5-20 %
  • Your hydraulic oil temperature level reduces by 15-20 °C
  • The need for hydraulic oil cooling reduces by 35 %
  • The life of your machine’s hydraulic components and hydraulic oil is extended
  • The service life of your machine extends as your motor and pump are renewed.

With all these features, you will save 50-70 % energy, depending on the engine power of your machine and the current mold working conditions.

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