GE series


Economy crusher - enma - ge

GE series economy granulator adopts high efficiency double-scissors cutting technology of rotor. GE500series has various of rotor type available, width ranging from 500 to 2000mm with diameter of 500mm. А whole welded steel structure and the V-shaped rotor design. It is suitable for the recycling of many kinds of materials, running smoothly and reliably. GE500 series granulator is equipped with manual or hydraulic box opening system, which easy to open and clean, to maintain the crushing chamber, so as to adjust and fix the blades, clean and replace screen. The series is with the latest developed soundproof material hopper, reliable technology and sound insulation effect.

Economy crusher - enma - ge

Multi-knife cutting type

Economy crusher - enma - ge

Machine design

GE series is used economically for handling the defects during injection molding, sprues, pipes, profiles, sheets, films and nozzles. It is everlasting and easy to clean with longer life. ENMA’s reliable V-shaped cutting technology not only retains all the advantages of the original cross-cutting technology, but also has new characteristics. Cutting point only at the place where the blades cross instead of the whole blade. It considerably ensures lower noise, less powder and prolongs the service life, thus saving the energy. “V”- cutting technology drives the materials towards the centre of the rotor and solves the problems such as stacking materials inside, heat from rubbing and excessive side-wall friction.


  •  Electrical type of hydraulic opening system
  • Multi-knife cutting type
  • Machine design of open type
  • Conveyor + Granulator + Suction system
  •  S-Universal type rotor
  •  H-Heavy duty rotor

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