DK Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

German Origin

Main Specifications

Higher productivity. Dry cycle time equals to European machine.


High overload and bending resisted tie bar. Patent applied

Symmetric mold open/close design, shorter cycle time and more stable. Higher precision for mold close & open.

Unique clamping/open cylinder design, ensure mold close & open fast/stable/precise.

Superior controller system. Excellent machine repeatability.

Advanced modular design. Quick response solution to customization.

Fast and smooth electrical locking system

Synchronized ejection (core) movement

Break-resisting tie bar

German design plasticizing system

The injection pressure

Independent oil filter and cooling system

Tie bar clamp nut with progressive screw teeth design

High precision and rigidity linear rail

Stable feeding zone temperature

Special injection cylinder design

Ten core strengths of BOLE DK

1.Break-resisting tie bar

Less stress for weak point of tie bar, there is almost no risk of fracture, high overload and bending resisted tie bar. Patent applied.

2.High precision and rigidity linear rail

DK series two platen machines adopt high-precision and high-rigidity linear guide coordinates with sliding foot to support movable platen.

3.Plasticizing system with German design
  • Originate from Germany, efficiency excess above 20% of domestic level (common plastics such as ABS, PS, PP, etc.)
  • Custom made complicated technical requirements, applied to special plasticizing system.
  • All series can fit with A/B/C screw, L/D ratio 23:1, to achieve the best plasticizing effect and efficiency.
4.Fast and smooth electrical locking system
  • Adopt direct driving motor, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Closed loop control, fast and accurate.
  • Left and right independent control, stable and reliable.
  • Easy to maintain, clean without stains.


5.Synchronized ejection (core) movement

Simultaneous eject (core pulling) function as standard, improves machine cycle efficiency.

6.Special injection cylinder design

The new injection cylinder has extremely low oil return resistance and cooperated with the frame structure of the injection part and greatly improve the control precision of the injection unit.

7.Tie bar clamp nut with progressive screw teeth design

Each stress on even teeth, longer life time for locking nuts.

Same tooth spacing, force not even

Variable tooth spacing, force even

8.Independent oil filter and cooling system

Very compact and less space occupation. Stabilize the entire oil temperature without any other interruption, such as cycle time and other working elements.

9.Stable feeding zone temperature

The feed throat temperature is brought into the closed loop control of the temperature unit; thus, the efficiency and precision of the whole injection molding unit are improved. To avoid low injection accuracy due to inconsistency and caking.

10.The injection pressure

The injection pressure get feedback always, and the injection curve makes it easier for the customer to adjust the process of the product.

Suitable for

Automobile industry

Household electrical appliance industry

Deep cavity products

Logistics building materials

High overload and bending resisted tie bar. Patent applied.


Synchronization of all tie bars movement. Almost reach “ms” level synchronization, realizing more stable cycle time. Use locking nuts with progressive teeth distance.


Thicker stationary platen + Optimized stationary platen feet. Reduced mold wearing, extended mold using life and improved product precision.

Equal stress on each tooth, longer life time for locking nuts

Using European Standard Technology
  • Bearing with higher safety factor inside the pre-plasticizing base; IU (Injection Unit) working more stable and with longer life time.
  • Stable feeding temperature; Additional temperature sensor and water valve in feeding zone area, to control the constant and stable temperature.
  • 5 independent vertical positioning motors + pumps
  • Flexible combination can make different motors and pumps controlled with different independent units at the same time.
  • With the technology support of BECHOFF, BOLE DK machines software is independent and has its own complete functions. According to different machine models or different customer requirements, the parameters can be adjusted for various functions combination.
  • 3 curves shown on the operating computer at one time
  • At the same time the operating computer shows speed setpoint curve, actual speed curve and pressure curve (speed setpoint can be settled with 10 sections), DK machine is easy to operate, with more precise adjustments.
  • Spring mold function + 12 sets of core-puller function + Mold safety function
  • Spring mold function can realize 10T spring force, mold safety function can realize the limitation of pressure + time, more wider application area, safer using.
Hydraulic Conditioning System
  • Oil filtering device will extend the lifetime of oil and save cost of oil changing because clean oil can stand much longer in production process.
  • Independent filtering and cooling system: The cooling and heating device allows us to hold oil temperature and keeps the constant value of viscosity independent of outside temperature. The accuracy of oil viscosity can guarantee machine high precision.

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